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Kurti is asian ethnic women wear and liked one in women of Pakistan, India and all over the Asia. ‘Kurta’- this word is originated by the Persians and ‘Kurti’ is the moulded word instigated in India. Basically, kurta means ‘a collarless shirt’. Kurti is name of western dress mostly name as Top (Tunic / Blouse). Kurti revolutionized typical Indian fashion of ethnic wear and becomes the most favorite style statement. Kurtis is the latest trends in ethnic wear for women who are always desirous of dressing up in style. Today fashion designers are trying to keep pace with the growing popularity of kurtis and find endless options to design kurtis according to the latest trends. Designers add style enhancements to the ethnic kurtas with another types of improvements, shapes, prints, embroidery works. This fashion works using modern materials in trend changing view of femininity dramatically. Modern kurties are designed and tailored with the latest trend by using premium quality fabric under the supervision of the well known designers. Numerous designers have a major in in making ladies kurti by using some special laces to give kurtis a unique and stylish look. Kurtis available in different styles and patterns. Women Kurtis & Men Kurtas (similar men's clothing looks like women's) combine trendiest designs with high quality fabric. Kurta has become a unisex dress and both men and women are wearing.

Our contemporaneity has stoutly influenced the wishes and needs of the women. Launched recently in the Asian market, these designs have received unexpected admiration by women from all economic and social groups. Kurti has become the girls and women most favorite style statement to look stylish with charming fashion ethnic look. These excellent fashionable kurtis are so convenient that you can wear them all seasons anytime. Kurti made out of luxurious fabrics is first selection of girls in colleges and universities, active and societal women as well as other for any event. Kurtis are highly appreciated in the market for their elegant designs and patterns. The kurtas in straight cut patterns and pastel colors created for infinite effect. They are appropriate for office establishment and employment works.

Kurties are perfect to worn with jeans and leggings at any occasion like party picnic and any other hangout. Best part is that you can easily modify and customize kurtis for different looks. As a result, weared in kurti gets ample choices, from ethnic to indo-western style with different patterns, cuts and designs. It is the best choice for women who want to add an Indo-western touch to the dressing.

Why kurti is so popular? You can pair its with your favorite pair of tights, skimpy jeans, jeggins, leggings, treggins, trousers, skirts or with a huge patiala, a salwar, aladdin pants, high heels or a churidar. A kurti needs almost half the time to wear compared to blazer, salwar kameez or saree. It is good to consider your body shape, occasion, and weather for perfect pairing.

Kurti design have put up a wide range of trendy sleeveless, half sleeves, 3/4 th sleeves and full sleeves kurtis that match the wearers personality. Also it have a very wide range of necklines. Most popular types of kurtis are mentioned presented below. Note, that designed kurti may to be joined from other styles. Long Straight kurti may be color blocked, or short kurti may be with front zip or sleevless. These kurties are elegantly designed using the best quality fabric under the guidance of our adroit designers according to the latest fashion trends.

1. A-Line Kurti

2. Achkan Style Kurti

3. Anarkali Kurti

4. Angrakha Kurti

5. Asymmetric Kurti

6. C-Shaped Kurti

7. Chikan Kurti

8. Closed-Collar Kurti (Kameez Style)

9. Color-Block Kurti

10. Cotton Kurti

11. Dhoti Style Kurti

12. Double Layered Kurti


13. Double Slit Kurti

14. Embroidered Kurti

15. Festive Kurti

16. Flared Kurti

17. Floral Kurti

18. Floor Length Kurti (Gown Style)

19. Front Open Slit Kurti

20. Front Zip Kurti

21. Fusion (Transparent) Style Kurti

22. High-Low Kurti

23. Indo-Western / Frock Style Kurti

24. Jacketed Kurti


25. Kaftan Kurti

26. Kedia Style Kurti

27. Long Straight Kurti

28. Monochrome Kurti

29. Off-Shoulder Kurti

30. Overlay Kurti

31. Paisley Kurti

32. Pakistani Kurti

33. Princess Cut Kurti

34. Printed Kurti

35 Punjabi Style Kurti

36. Reversible Kurti


37. Shirt Style Kurti

38. Short Kurti

39. Straight Kurti

40. Tail Cut Kurti

41. Tiered Kurti

42. Trail Cut Kurti

43. Tulip Kurti

1. A-Line Kurti

A-Line Kurtis

This is one of the most popular kurti designs at present that looks both stylish as well as elegant at any casual occasion. A-line cut kurti designs have been around since like forever. A-line cut kurti is shaped like the alphabet ‘A’, which is narrow at the top and flares at the knees or ankles, creating an A-shaped pattern. Raise your style quotient with a-line kurtis and short tunics. It obtains to the calf (or ankle) and it has flare from the waist for creating ‘A’-letter figure. This classic type kurti gets a stylish modern update and almost replace your simple dress for trendy one. A-line shape is curve-creator for skinny figure. A-line long kurti is right pairing with leggins. Also A-line short cotton kurti makes nice pairing with straight cut wrap-around skirt. Available in an exciting variety of colours, embroidery designs, patterns, and shades, the A-Line kurtis have become a necessary part of every woman’s apparel collection, perfect for plump or petite women and looks gorgeous on skinny girls.

2. Achkan Style Kurti

Achkan Kurti

Achkan (Hindi: अचकन) also known as Baghal bandi is a knee length jacket buttoned in front, worn by men, particularly in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and in Pakistan much like the Angarkha and Sherwani. Avchkan is traditionally associated with the Northern Indian, frequently Muslim and Sikh, aristocracy. Achkan style kurtis are a close-fitting, high-necked coat, full lengh sleeves, slightly flared below the waist and reaching almost to the knee, adopted to women. Its variant "Neru Jacket" with rounded corners of closed collar. Women kurtis often embroided or beautified by different colors of kurtis elements: sleeves, collar, pockets, buttons. Sleeves may be at 3/4 or full lengh.

3. Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali Kurti

Pretty, feminine and graceful – anarkali kurtis are widely loved and appreciated pieces of women's clothing today. Anarkalis is always sought as dress of royals. This ethnic piece has the right blend of traditional glam and comfiness. The Anarkalis have a flowing structure and lots of pleats that will add a further panache to your overall appearance. These are variants of flared kutas, where multiple longitudinal panels are attached from shoulders till hemline to get that flared silhouette. Anarkalis kurti are not all meant to be heavy and embellished. Anarkali kurtis have been in the market for as long as one can remember and they become trendier with every passing day. Anarkali have turn out to be the foremost preference of the clients and are widely worn in a different types of areas. This evergreen kurti design is apt for any formal, casual, or traditional function and can easily give you an elegant, stunning and unique appearance even in large gatherings. You can get them in lighter textiles like georgette or cotton to play the summer melodies. The girls with tall stature will look great in ankle length Anarkalis. If long, pair nicely with churidars.

4. Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha Kurta

Angrakha kurtis are inspired by the Traditional kurtas worn by tribal men in Gujarat and Rajasthan. In Angrakha kurta, two alike or opposite flaps lay upon on each other and connect with the help of planks at the side. Angrakha kurti feminine and stylish look. Giving a flattering fit to your bust and comfortable flare around hemline, these are a must have in the scorching heat of Indian summers. This angrakha kurti can radiate style with its simplicity. The angrakha kurta can be paired  with a pair of half white leggings or jeggings. You have a skirt that is lying in your wardrobe and whether it is midi length or full length, it can spruce up the whole ensemble when teamed up with Angrakha kurti. Pick a wrinkled or pleated wide palazzo with Angrakha kurta (You may wear front slit kurti with palazzo too). Get trendy look by assembling inverse Angarakha Style Kurti with style Palazzo. Pair angrakha kurti with leggings or Patiala Salwar, and you are good to go for the day. The latest trend is Anarkali kurti in Angrakha style.

5. Asymmetric Kurti

Asymmetric Kurti

There are so many kurti styles to try, but the ones you should not miss at any cost is the asymmetric designs. Assymetry can be anywhere on the kurta. It can be on shoulder line, neck, sleeves, waist cut or on bottom hemline. A lot of kurti designs and styles come under this category, since the only requirement is that you can’t join the corners when you fold them for storage. Some asymmetrically cut long kurtis give a twist in the tail to the parties. This kurti breaks away from the traditional styles and brings you a different look altogether, with a variant hemline. You get to try a lot of options, and it can be teamed up to achieve any look – office wear, casual wear or party wear. This is a filmy type of attire and you can choose the right fabric. So, never forget to add a couple of asymmetrical kurtis to your latest kurti design to buy list.

6. C-Shaped Kurti

C-shaped Kurti

"C"-shaped kurti is trendy and has a ‘C’ shaped front hem. The front hem of this kurti has a C-shaped panel which gives a stylish and slimmer appearance to taller women. This is probably the most sought-after kurti design for anarkali churidars and designer anarkalis and may used for romantic dates, dinner parties, and other special occasions. But it works equally well for a casual party outfit too. They are ideal to wear for many occasions. If you are tall women, C-cut kurti suits you well. They give you a slimmer appearance but mostly look better on tall women. C-Cut kurtis can look fabulous with fashionable jewellery, bracelet watches, and designer shoes.

7. Chikan Kurti

Chikan Kurti

Chican kurtis are the ethnic trend with the deepest cultural roots is ‘chikankari’. Chikan (Hindi: चिकन, Urdu: چکن‎) is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. Literally translated, the word means embroidery. Transforming traditional embroidery, in indian ethnic chikan white thread is embroidered on cool, pastel hues of cotton garments and slight muslin. Today chikan embroidery is also compile with coloured and silk threads in colours to done the style of vogue and keep chikankari till now. Chikan-made kurti with jeans will give you the coservative yet trendy look every contemporary Indian woman be worth. Introduce some fun without colour to your ethnic wardrobe with this kurti. 3/4 sleeves chikan kurti looks good on Patiala salwar. Best ways to to create five different looks with a white kurti is to pair it with colored bottom as denim jeans, ethnic palazzo, lehariya salwar, long skirt, rajasthani mirror dupata. There is no large scope to play with white shade, so here is where your bold makeup tricks or statement & colorful accessories comes into play.

8. Closed-Collar Kurti (Kameez Style)

Closed Collar Kurti

The latest trend in 2016 Kurtis Design is a cross between the traditional kameez and the modern kurti called a closed collar or kameez style kurti with a chic pair of jeans. The kameez or qamis is a shirt of varying length, a long tunic shirt worn over a pair of baggy trousers, usually worn by women, especially in Pakistan. The detail of such style is Band Gale (Hindi/Urdu: "Closed Neck"). Kameez is the shirt of the Salwar Kameez suit. Patiala Salwar can be worn with different types of shirts (Kameez), like short shirt, long shirt and nowadays some girls even wear a T-shirt to give a mixed Asian and Western look; however, the most popular and traditional top used is short kameez. Look absolutely professional and edgy with a cross between the traditional kameez and the modern kurti called a closed collar or kameez style kurti with a chic pair of jeans. The body of the kurti is made to set against the dye of the neckline. Palazzo is the most popular style with Kurta/Kameez yet it is just one of the many kinds of bottoms being worn currently.

9. Color-Block Kurti

Color Blocked Kurti

If you have a colourful mind, you will be able to make the right choice with these kurtis, which come with bold colours divided into blocks. Two or more than two vibrant colours are used to give a colour-block pattern. The mix of give this type of kurta tasteful contrast. Color block kurti looks beautiful when you choose the right colour combination. Color blocking is a great compromise for those who are typically pattern-shy, and its sharp structure allows for pieces to easily transition from day to night. Though it can be formed on any kurta type, it’s better to incorporate on straight fit or tunic silhouette.

10. Cotton Kurti

Cotton Kurti

This is the quintessential summer staple. This kurti is light weight and comfortable to wear. Cotton kurtis look so chic, crisp and smart. Cotton is one of the most flexible fabrics. It just blends with your body structure and doesn’t add any volume to who you are. Even with full sleeves, cotton kurtis are very comfortable during the heat wave. Cotton kurtis are evergreen and look awesome on every occasion. You can style cotton kurtis in countless ways with pants, leggings or even palazzos. Dressing a scarf or stole can establish an superb fashion declaration with just simple cotton kurti. Solid cotton kurti with jeans gives you professional look. If you are too thin or too fat, pick a nice piece of cotton Kurti and look your best. Cotton kurtas for women in shirt style are a must-own any summer season!

11. Dhoti Style Kurti

Dhoti Style Kurti

Dhoti kurti, a garment that earlier men used to wear, has now become a part of woman’s wardrobe too. There are all sorts of dhoti patterns available in attires from a dhoti pants, dhoti saree to dhoti dress. So, a dhoti style kurti had to be there also. Dhoti kurti adds a style declaration to your identity that makes you stand out from the mob. Dhoti style of kurtis has various drapes on bodice in original patterns or embroidery. They may look a little awkward but you can use a belt or structured tailoring to enhance your curves to fit your bode well. Dhoti style is a brilliant kurti design for people who would love to accentuate their hips. To make an Indo-western outfit, you can pair your kurtis with leggings, jeggings, denim jacket or casually wear them as a dress without bottom to flaunt your curves. If you are pregnant then Dhoti Kurti is a wear that can help you hide your baby bump in a fashionable way.

12. Double Layered Kurti

Double Layered Kurti

Double Layered Kurti is innovative, with one layer of cloth overlapping the other. Combination of this two colored make it more delightful and eyes catching, gives exotic look. You can wear bracelets, funky earrings and sandals with this one. This double layered beauty can be worn in two different ways.  There are two types of variation in this kurti, and you can avail a detachable version if you please. You can get rid of the upper layer and wear the sleeveless printed kurta just by itself. This way is economical and more affordable than other types of wear.

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