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This pattern is best for those of you who do not want lavish designs. It is a contemporary design and is preferred by the younger generations. With the help of simple lines this design looks spectacular. The lines are very prominent and exhibit a unique mehndi design.

The latest mehndi designs 2016 - 2017 is all about a girl's wish to be happy and excited. Henna is considered as to be the ornament for girls and women. Mehndi design is known to be as a way to express women hapiness and joy life. Women and girls always remain in search of lovely henna mehndi designs to wear on their gorgeous hands.

Mehndi Designs 2016

For all the Mehndi art lovers there, worry no more as we come up with the list of some of the easiest and simple Mehndi designs which you can draw yourself anytime and anywhere. Mehndi is something which most of the women from all over the world adore.

The field of Mehndi art is constantly changing and diversifying. The mehndi lovers are spread all over the wolrd but it is not always possible to find a mehndi artist every time you want to clad yourself with henna.

Curly Curves

Curly Curves

This pattern is best option for those who do not like intricate designs and are short of time. All those people who prefer simplicity in designs that are well spaced out will find this pattern interesting. The curling design adds a new touch to your feet and hands.

Beautiful Creepers

Mehndi Design 2

If you are a beginner then the creeper design is best for you. It is one of the easiest designs when trying your hand at applying mehndi by yourself. It is the most basic mehndi design which you can easily draw at the palm, back of your hand, legs etc.

Ringed Henna

Ringed Henna

 If you want to try something new then the ring designs are totally in this season and perfect for you. It’s not necessary to draw designs on every finger, drawing it on one of the fingers will also work and look stylish. This design helps your finger to stand out and is very different from the ordinary mehndi designs.

Geometrical shapes

Geometrical shapes

The use of geometric shapes in mehndi design is not new. Mehndi designs have featured geometric shapes since a very long time. Squares, rhombus, circle and triangles are used almost in every design and almost no mehndi design is complete without the outline of geometric shapes.

Flowers in focus

Flowers in focus

The floral motif looks amazingly beautiful and the fineness of this pattern is magnificent. This design does not fill your entire hand and leaves gap which looks artistic. This design will surely put your glamour quotient a few notches up.

Finger Mehndi Design

Finger Mehndi Design

Just like nail art design, finger mehndi design has also gained popularity in the recent years. Most of the people these days prefer to apply mehndi art just on the fingers which adds an element of uniqueness and helps enhancing your hand beauty with your favourite nail color.

Xender is an application that connects two or more smartphones one each other or with personal computur to share photos, applications, and other media. It works more quickly than bluetooth or another applicacion or protocol and fully free. It was founded by Xender Team (originally known as Anmobi.inc). Xender can be operated in three operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) in a large number of languages. The application was originally released in China with the name Shan Chuan in 2012 and was known as Flash Transfer outside China. In 2013, it supported more languages and its name was changed to Xender.

Xender is available on App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Fully free Xender Web application download. Checked for viruses. Xender web version is easy to transfer fils between phone-to-PC. Xender for pc download using Bluestacks.

How to use Xender Web. Instruction.

You don't need any app for pc , just try this

  1. Open Xender in your Android device, tap the “+” button and choose “Connect PC”.
  2. Open web.xender.com in your Laptop/PC
  3. Scan the QR Code with your Android device; both devices should be automatically connected

  4. On Xender choose Connect PC mode and turn on the Personal Hotspot

  5. Let your laptop join the Personal Hotspot created by your mobile device.
  6. Open the link on the Xender (
  7. Accept the permission on your mobile device, and you should be connected.

Reliable Web Hosting helps your web site growing and serves good indicator for Google Ranking. Our web hosting reviews include a variety of hosting packages, free open source applications, free domain, an easy-to-use Website Builder Tool, email, FTP accounts. Our web hosting related advice will you save time and money.

Asks for questions below will help you to chose free or payable web host and the correct type of hosting plans (shared, virtual, or dedicated servers).

  1. Look your existing website or determine it's future idea. Is it your blog or other personal sites? Is it a company site? Is it a store? What it's purpose, will it professional? What it's estimated traffic?
  2. Think about potential visitors of your site and types of content. What real planes of growing your site? Are You ready for constant typing of fresh and useful content? You must know that very difficult (even not possible) transfer your website from free web hosting plan.
  3. Have your choose from three main types of servers that offered by web host companies.
    Shared Server. On this type of servers, your website will share all resources with other similar websites from other peoples. This solution is cheaper but has many restrictions in settings that common for all. Very bad news that this type of servers has many problems with safety. Many peoples, often newbies, many settings that may cause to fluent for stability and safety.
    Virtual Server. It is a virtual dedicated server with more stability and resources.
    Dedicated Server. It is a standing physically alone server that used by your websites only. It not affordable for one website. Maybe for a website with hard traffic and security queries.
    If Your website is commercial, You must choose to host plane with Virtual or even Dedicated Server.
  4. Ask or learn about support service. When choosing a web host, Customer Service is one of the most important things because technical problems and downtime may stop visitors from your website.The best method for customers is live 24/7 support with straight talk with a competent specialist. The second good way is e-mail penpal with a good time of reaction. The support forum is good at the initial stage for settings with reading FAQ but has no guaranted answer.
  5. Test the response time of potential web hosting. But for Your note, free hosting presented for your attention may be better than paid virtual server hosting plan. It may be displayed in reviews and feedbacks.
  6. When You read reviews about web hosting, note that they may be operated by referrals or even hosting companies themselves. Bad reviews may be deleted. Be cautious!
  7. Compare hosting packages from different web hostings with free open source applications, free domains, Website Builder Tools, emails, FTP accounts, MySQL / MySQLi. Choose by parameters critical for your future website. Free marketing tricks useful but not main for You.

Professionals VS Amateurs? Pro Design vs Web Builders: Battle of the Bastards.

When You ready to create your own website, You should to choose: build it yourself or hire a professional web designer? If You have an expirience of HTML, CSS there are no problems. You may to do it yourself. But will your website looks professional or another work with many over capitalizing fonts, CSS working in one Firefox only, dirty compressed images and spinning logo? Learning HTML and CSS just to create one website is a dumb spending of your time.

The first fact You should to know is free web-builders not exist! You may to find many web site builders. Many of them just claims as "free". But any from its need in monthly pay. The same wth free domain registration. If You find one, its cost divided month by month in ordered advanced plan. The second important thing: very often free web-builder made by web-programmer, not web-designer. No one web page builders with full properties list that You want. If it have no your wished property, you get a price list with... professiobal customize wev design for your query. Any way, web design from professional studio more affordable and looking more professionaly. You may win if you know color palette, mobile responsible design. Any usefull tricks as Free Domain Registration, Real-Time view of changing not covering by month pay. When You thinking about create your website with web-builder, note that it have negative cost, difficulty, time for customization, ongoing maintenance.

Check "free" options gathered from many of web-builders (no one have no all these options in one plan):

  • Free Website Building Service. Sorry, but it just claimed. If You find really free web-builders, note me in comments of this page. A lot of such builders using free or $0.99 per month but for the first year only. Your website not might be transfered to another place.
  • Free Domain, Emails, & Storage. Cost of free domains and more host space included in more cost planes (you may to check it yourself), free e-mails non free from promotion, even spam.
  • Professional Pre-Written Template Copies. Looks great but not unique. If You change images, design will worse.
  • Fully Customizable. Not really full customization. If You want to rule by any future properties of your website, order professional web design with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Any of it have real, not claimed full customization. Customization in web-builders too long process, may be you will not end it.
  • App Market Integrates Tons of Useful Applications. Not all of its really usefull, You don't need it all of its but will pay for all.
  • Website Coach Available For Enite Process.
  • Real-Time Site Stats Dashboard. Free Google Analytics have more functionality and flexibility.
  • Super Intuitive Drag & Drop. Great marketing trip!
  • Customizable Automatic Mobile Adaptation. Very hard to setup properly by non-professional. Try to use and You will know that I am right.
  • Complete eCommerce Package. Accessed, but need in another plan that too expensive. Professional designed web E-Commerce project more affordable.

Money Trap

If You want to know how many cost "free" web builder, check these links below:

$0.99 /month 1&1 Internet Hosting w/o Web Builder (12 months $0.99/month then $7.99/month).

$2.99 /month 1&1 Internet Hosting with Mobile Web Builder (starting at $2.99/month).

1&1 Mobile Website Builder automatically converts your existing website to be compatible with all mobile devices. Achieved through the recognition of the most commonly prompted contents by mobile devices, the intelligent recognition and optimization enables your website to be viewed in an optimal visual and technical layout for mobile users. All website content can be manually or automatically customized, in order for you website to be accessed by all mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets or other devices.

We offer pre-designed templates for customers who don’t have an existing website. You can change and customize these templates to your individual preference. The mobile website can then be viewed on smartphones, tables and laptops.

$10 per month Weebly Website BuilderUnlimited Websites ($10 per month).

Weebly drag and drop website builder (simplicity powered by A Small Orange.) or another ones makes it easy to create a website without any technical skills. But a professionally looking website can help you promote your services, brand, hobbey or life philosofy. It will increase the confidence of your website visitors and get money to You. Please, check below website properties from web designers that not accesseble in web builders but very important.

  • Safety. Access for fresh updates, more strong administration zone security, safety from SQL injections, safety from file uploads, SSL protocol and security certificates.
  • Migrating. You may migrate from one server to another: any hosting or domain name anytime.
  • Spam protected contact / e-mail. To exlude chance that your emails will land in your user’s SPAM folder. Setup email limits and delays. We strongly recommend to use subscription plugins or professional email marketing service.
  • After sales support from expert technical team. Professionals from small or middle size agency that realy interested to fix problem to eliminate delays.
  • CMS – Content Management System. Most usable CMS like as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal has much larger community with free help that web builders. CMS are very flexible & customizable. Unlimited properties to be added to the site.
  • Affordable and customized prices. You may to get really full free design and high targeted e-commerce website for online webshop for $25000, but often cost in price range $49-$999
  • Backup with any settings. Full and incremental, automatic and manual, daily, weekly, monthly backups with many plugins and settings.
  • Professional customized e-commerce plugins. Dozen powerful e-commerce plugins with streamlined checkout process that dramatically increases your store’s conversion rate and switching between multiple dashboards without touching a single line of code.
  • You have all-in-one or any what You want without useless for You. No need choose from standard plans. You may to change all anytime.

Note me with just one example of inspired wev design from amateur! If You stop and interested in the web, just two ways possible: interesting content or original design. Are You agree with me?

To help You decide between web developers and builders, we create this table that confirm a winner in the Battle of the Bastards: Professionals VS Amateurs? Professional Web Design Versus Web Builders?

Web Builder
$295 - $6099
  • -
  • -
  • Set of Templates
  • Non-Profit Sites
  • Free domain
  • Promotion Links
  • CMS type
  • Usefull Plugins
  • 24/7 Support
Professional design
$4995 - $99995
  • Full ownership
  • No monthly fees
  • Unique design concepts
  • Any Types
  • Free domain
  • -
  • CMS type
  • Usefull Plugins
  • 24/7 Support
Round Winner
  • - / +
  • - / +
  • - / +
  • - / +
  • - / -
  • - / +
  • One / Any
  • Limited / Any
  • + / +

The conclusion that You want a site of your own. If You need a small budget covention website that very simple, with non-unique design, choose web-builder and be ready to spend a lot of time to create content for it. If your website need in customization, unique, professionally looking design, E-Commerce, inspiration, creative, order web design from web design agensy or web designer. May be You want to minimize start-up costs to ensure a good looking website using "free" website builder? Sorry, but if You are not professional, your work will be weak and fully unprofessional, even not ended. Professional web designer may to turn your web site requirements and project vision into real working professionally looking website that create money and free your time to focus on your business to raise your growth.

Profit-oriented websites should are professional designed. Creating web pages accessed for a dummy but very long and no guarantee. Professionally looking design coming from web agencies or talents.

Design Trends & Best Practices in Web Design 2017

A one-device world is close to edge. The mobile market expanded constantly. Users expect a connected experience across their myriad of devices. Numerous smart TVs, tablets, smart phones and the next-generation games consoles upcoming round us. As Retina and other high definition displays become more widely adopted, the move ‘en masse’ to SVG and HD images is a fact.

No secret, that full screen video backgrounds are not new in modern trends of modern web design. Video background in web design quickly growing in popularity. Internet connections are increasing their speed, capturing of high-density video is galvanizing by its simplicity, browser coming more advanced.

All times, from Roman Empire to Modernism, designers need to be able to attract humanity by their inspiration. In 2017, to be interactive designer mean gaining a deep understanding of your users in context of goods will be used at your website. All designers need in true interactive user interface, the ability to achieve that their ideas understood and transfer bright messages to clients. Responsive layout and user friendly UI more important than how your website looks visually. Sketching is really helps improve an idea to get it perfectly.

Staying on top of technical skills will be too important as key those easy open flexible responsive layouts. Open-standard web animation technologies including HTML5 canvas, SVG and Web GL will continue to grow in importance.

We are don't know what way will come web design in 2017, but concepts presented below very possible:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Dynamic Search
  3. Vibrant Color Schemes
  4. Rich Animation
  5. Hidden Menus
  6. Micro interactions
  7. Stylized Typography
  8. Images Over Text
  9. Duotones
  10. Designing With Real Data (Content)
  11. Long Scrolling
  12. Product Concerning Videos
  13. Large Backgrounds
  14. Direct Chat Support
  15. Partitial Loading
  16. Card Layouts

Responsive Design

One of the ideas behind responsive design was “mobile first”. Responsive design that looks similar at mobile and desktop devices is the latest trend of last years, it is strictly required. The creation of any interactive project related with huge amount of tablets and mobile devices in the world.

"The number of people using mobile devices outstripped people on desktop computers in 2014." – Jim Edwards, Business Insider , April 2014.

An adaptable page layout is the basis of website created using the responsive design. It provides flexible grid and page elements, and dynamically resized user interface and content, such as videos or images. To avoid many people will frustrated, your website should be mobile responsive. To achieve a full responsive web design, just create it with three rules:

  1. Media query. Define list of devices that applying this rule.
  2. Transform layout accordingly the screen resolution or re-direct it to page applied.
  3. Navigation transformation for small screens is wished.

Today, Responsive web design was an ultra-popular trend, thing every website strictly needed for the site being displayed properly on various devices with small and big screen sizes.

Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search return results of searching on the fly. We are all accustomed to this technology, so that hardly anyone remembers how Google first used it 5 years ago: Google Testing Dynamic Search Results. Just 5 years ago, but everyone uses it at Google as if it has always done! This is very interactive method that may be adviced for all websites with huge content to provide visitors exactly match for their queries. We predict rising of dynamic search using real data in the context of a search result at E-commerce websites and blogs in 2017. The best way to display products dynamically is use JavaScript and Ajax-powered techniques.

Dynamic search for modern website should have four rules:

  1. The main is auto-suggest for search input that changing after adding another word or even letter.
  2. Drop down menu.
  3. Search input control.
  4. Changing size of search form to fit in web layout at any screen resolution.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Color management is one of the most crucial and significant part of your website design. Involving a color scheme is a good design art strategy (i.e. a lot of colors in range picked to inform an impression, message or mood) and an arrangement of two to five hues that work well together in that scheme. Skilled designers are very cautious in select of the colors they use in creating a professional website. Evaluating color requires intuition that builds over time. Today, designers are pairing vibrant color choices in a way that was not approved a few years ago. I recommend avoiding Low Contrast Design becomed a trend these days. As minimalist design have received vogue, vibrant colors have been on the growth too. Vibrant Color Scheme is an inspired palette of bright, energetic, and fun colors. Creating vibrant color schemes is a good method to add visional accent and user interaction cues in design developments. Designers of websites have been experimenting with blending bold, bright, vibrant colors, deepening them, or placing highly saturated vibrant colors against a light or dark background. Very often designer use a vibrant color design technique that have created an amazing color effect by using some of the richly vibrant colors. Vibrant color trend of 2017 differents by its ability to balance professionalism and fun of rainbow colors. Using a neutral palette in combination with vibrant colors will be popular this year.

Rich Animation

Rich Animation that properly inserted at website key places makes the overall impact a lot more entertaining and interactive. Loading animations dispose to occupy the visitors and hold them hooked in many cases. Motion animation helps you gain the interest of users, especially for e-commerce website without interesting content. To make your comers feel like you really care about their trial on your website, use videos in the correctly place at the proper time. Abundant animation on websites have begun entering it into their projects is a nice way to make online shopping process more enjoyable and pleasant for many e-commerce websites.

Hidden Menus

Navigation menus are significant on any website, but can sometimes look obtrusive on small devices. Hamburger menus became popular with the increased importance of designing better interfaces for smartphones and tablets. However, in 2016, Hamburger Menus are not the trend in modern web design. Goodbye hamburger menu. One of reasons is a hamburger menu requires an action or additional click before a user can use it. This involves added time and effort that a user might not be committed to, especially if it’s just one of many sites they’re visiting in a session. A careful small stunt for small screen devices is to have a knob that switches the navigation menu at smaller screen widths or showing the full width menu at larger screen widths. The full working sample of such menu is installed on our site.

How to determine whether hidden navigation is right for your site? The better way to know is Google Analitycs. The percentage of clicks to certain links helps your users find what they are looking for. Result allows you to see utility of hidden global navigation or fixed global menu.

Micro interactions

A call-to-action strategy be able to warranty good chance in organization a huge visitor's database. When done right, micro interactions offer an intuitive way to interact with a website. When done wrong, they can cause frustration through unexpected functionality - or downright quirkiness. Web designers opened a race to the trend of using micro interactions, which achieved its maximum in 2016 and not done yet. Well-designed micro interactions can be defining because, despite their simplicity, they’re often very powerful. The live example of this technology is an e-mail signup form located in the bottom of our site home page. Supplied with properly text, it can transform more daily visitors into continuous clients and, accordingly, enhance conversion factor. Use of large typography in combination with a crisp, minimalistic approach will be used to convey a clear brand message. In 2017, we will have many more micro interactions, which will function as a dialogue with our users. These micro interactions will be wrapped in carefully crafted transitions and animations, making for a more sophisticated and smooth experience.

Stylized Typography

Fonts flare deep feelings. Boom of script fonts in web design started in 2005. Huge typography as web designer's language of communication with their customers has become a popular in 2006. 2013 popularized a mixed typography style, as it combines different styles of fonts in the one web layout without the feel of some dissonance. Typography will get bolder and bigger (think: Italic, all caps, oversized fonts, and handwritten fonts). Extremes in sizing, custom typefaces, traditional fonts used in unconventional ways, and highly stylized lettering can all have a huge impact. This variety of fonts may be overwhelmed very often, but picked properly stylized typography evokes speed, dynamism, and movement. Avoid overused fonts or fonts that carry a negative association with them just from the start. One way to limit your font choices is to select a pair of fonts that contrast and complement each other, perhaps with one choice for headlines and another for body text. Most of cases, you only need two fonts: one for body text and one for titles, headings, and other design elements. This contrast, and the restraint demonstrated by your choices, will help create a professional and readable web layout.

Images Over Text

Images are still the most common and most universal medium. Images are a convenient method to perfect the visitor activity of your website. A website without any images is boring. On the whole, text works best for eliminating the ambiguity that visual types of bond are prone to subjective emotions. Visual information is very convenient. It can be overkill to fill a page with flourish-rich fonts, but when used tastefully, this kind of typography can create a strong mood and bring life to a page. Before you saturate your web page by images, note that images provide emotion, text provide information. When combining emotion-provoking imagery with informational text, ensure that the text is readable by creating a high-contrast ratio between the text and its background. Have in view that you should only utilize images that someway maintain your content.


Duotone is a fresh trend in website design. It's additionally entirely in vogue, with new destinations changing to a duotone design day by day. Basically, Duotone is an image with just two colors (hence "duo"). It is a great way to create striking contrast and incorporating color into a design. The impact, which utilizes a couple of hues over a photograph is striking, fun, and energetic. It is a throwback to early printing days, and can give designs a fresh look. Duotone images make great hero backgrounds because they add some life without unduly distracting from the content or creating legibility issues. Use duotone to go about as a shading stabilizer that gives the content a lot of space and complexity.

Designing With Real Data (Content)

Designing with real data gives us a deeper understanding of how a page will function. CMS helps you design functional prototypes with real content, giving both designers and writers a better idea of just how a website will function.

Long Scrolling

Long scroll was awesome! Infinite scrolling changes UX design, opening the door for more narrative approaches and simpler interaction models. Furthermore, a long scroll needs no reloading the whole thing – a nice improvement in user experience of that year. Now in 2016 we take it to the next level where we see more sites implementing modular scrolling, where you can scroll sections independently. Mostly, this means the screen is split in two, where one half can scroll independently from the other with vertical page orientation.

Product Concerning Videos


Large Backgrounds

Big background images are trendy today and this propensity will stay in 2017. Using high quality photography is nothing new, and advances in both the online and print world have made it much easier to produce striking visual designs using large images. Using a full background image is a popular trend in the web design industry. Using spectacular and interactive pictures and videos on page with details of commodity makes your customers feel like they possess the good even before striking the "Purchase" button. However, it is a common misconception that an attention seeking background image should stand on its own, when in fact, images are meant to compliment the site as a whole. Even a photography website should use images carefully, making sure they are strategically placed and intuitive to the user. If your e-commerce website look professional and clean, full page images at background or videos related with goods influence your probable customers to make a purchase immediately as they enter your online store.

Direct Chat Support

Chatting with customers and responding to their questions helps personalize a company's web presence. Direct chat can also help convert new users in a highly contextual way.

Partitial Loading

Just like Facebook and Pinterest, we predict an increase in sites that load a draft section of content before the main actual content arrives. Particularly for users this is much more useful because it presents the user of what to expect before it’s even there. Just like the screenshot above, this partial loading gives the user an indication as to what they are about to see before it’s there, pretty slick.

Card Layouts

In recent years, card (and card-like) layouts have gained tremendous popularity amongst designers, and this trend will undoubtedly continue into 2016 and beyond. First of all, because cards are one of the basic elements consumed in Material Design, that is a guarantee to be popular next years. They were first made popular by Pinterest and since then, there was no looking back for them. The card layout could easily be mimicked used jQuery and Masonry. The card layout serves the websites that have many data. Cards are also great to use on mobile devices since it has a modular layout. Card layouts are a huge hit among online websites, and websites like The Next Web and UGSMAG are already showcasing it.


Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop. If your website design is responsive, it's good chance to get site usability very good.

Modern websites based on Responsive Web design adapt the layout to the viewing on three most important things (supplied methods and tools to help your website to be responsive):

  1. Fluid grids. The fluid, proportion-based grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units like pixels or points. You may to use tool to for converting fixed widths (in pixels) to percentages. The quantity of columns no matter, full width is 100%. To construct responsive grids layout use Gridset App or another free tool. The goal is to reach the concept of “responsive text” (typography should be resized and altered for reading on a wide range of mobile and desktop screen sizes). It's easy, text wraps by default.
  2. Flexible images. Flexible decorative graphic elements with sizes optimized and contextual for all responsive layouts. They use very different sizes (from very small to very large) at either the viewport or the screen sizes. They sized in relative elements to prevent them from imaging outside their appropriate containing unit, using existing implementations. The percentage width value (as with all percentage dimensions) is relative to the width of the tag element.
    But on practice, the best method is to use responsiveimgs.min.js script for images of different sizes via <img src="/small.jpg?full=large.jpg" > tag. The .htaccess file (Apache web server only) determines responsivity of any image in the request by ?full query parameter and redirects responsive image to full or reduces size. The Retina Images method downloaded to the user web agent one image only. Limitation in <img> tags with attributes specified and background-size properties of each background images in CSS.
  3. Flexible CSS3 Media queries. Responsive media may be got with simple instruction. Media queries would work perfectly if You apply CSS rules to a few elements as showed below:

img, iframe, object, embed, video { width: 100%; max-width: 100%; }

One of the methods for catch most screen sizes is to use CSS similar to presented below will works with four media queries

@media only screen and (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 479px){ ... Landscape Smart Phone }
@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px){ ... Portrait Tablet }
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 991px){ ... Landscape Tablet }
@media only screen and (min-width: 992px) and (max-width: 1999px){ ...Desktop }

It's use CSS style rules based on characteristics of any screen devices, the width of the most commonly browsers.

Nowadays, responsive web design very important due the amount of traffic from mobile devices now increases. Now it contains more than 50% of internet traffic in all over the world. In 2015, Google started to boost site ranks of websites that are user-friendly on small screen devices (the searched from a mobile devices only). If website does not pass "Mobile-Friendly Test", it will disappear and be lost in the search results on mobile devices. What is that mean? Mobile responsive web design can boost your organic search ranking and user satisfaction.

How Google see our website?


The set of methods to get your websitye fully responsive at any devices lead to focus on user-friendly interface over a pretty. Legacy of modern trends in web design leads to two important rules:

  • Performance is primary goal of modern website. Mobile devices in all over the world more slowly than desktop personal computers with optical web channels. Regardless of the slow connection, websites will be abandoned, when delays critical. Especially that important for E-commerce websites with complex navigation schemes and large database. The advice: "Optimize images!" that leave us with last ten years of high-speed internet connections returned ago. It reduce the load-time dramatically.
  • Pretty interface not important in responsive web design. Elements easy to find on mobile device are prioritize, may not make a sense to have navigation with every single item visible on mobile smaller screens. Pretty design looks good but useless our days. Use "design for fingers" insted pretty look. Google claims that content over all for organic search.

Most popular method of using media queries is mobile first. The mobile first approach means that your base style is typically a single-column, you make the default rule the mobile rule. The problem is older smart phones may not support media queries. For them we using the small masthead image is loaded for all browsers, and the large image is loaded only for wider screens, code presented below:

header {

  background: url(small-masthead-image.png);


@media all and (min-width: 480px) {

 header {

  background: url(large-masthead-image.png);




How to Make Your Website Successful

In this simple, easy-to-read instructional guide you will learn how to create a successful user-friendly web site project. There presented just first 10 tips to make web site at the first places of search engines and get good trafic and well conversion rate. I do not write in this article about security of website. My opinion that website security is very important for any web site but for professionals only. If You are newbie, a successful attack on your website leads to loose your data and a blacklisting of your site by Google and other search providers due infected site risks spreading malicious content. My professional experience may to advice triple or more trips to make your website more interesting, inspired, but the main advice the most important after all was made: keep improving your website constantly!

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#AspectDescriptionLead to
1 How your website looks How looks elements of your website and how its  putting together: text, images, colors, fonts, buttons, visual effects, videos etc. A website’s design can have a huge impact on how often website visitors purchase. Visitors aproove and thrust You.
2 Right domain name If You choose your domain unique name properly, You get more chances for 1st place in search engines for your search keyword and people remember it without shortcuts. Domain name must be short, easier to remember, brandable for commerce resource. Reflects your future website, business or blog.
3 Place at search engines Connecting with a properly Search Engine Optimisation will improve the visibility of a website in search engines and will help you stay competitive in the long run. Main goal for all are to get free traffic from Google, the most popular search engine in the world. More visitors from SEO trafic.
4 Mobile responsive design Surfing the internet with a mobile device is the normal practice our days. A mobile responsive website is a website that detects what device your visitor is using and automatically adjusts the layout to the properly screen size. More and more people are purchasing goods or viewing websites from their mobile device instead of driving to the store. Make Your website mobile for any visitor.
5 User friendly All web page elements easy accesseble from any browser and types of screen, especially mobile devices. Make sure that your navigation is simple and easy to follow. Your logo to identify your name must be placed at the top and to the left. Navigation must be placed at the top or to the left side of your website. Easy to navigate and ensure customers return.
6 Incorporate social elements Links from pages of your website leads to social networks with people sharing your interests. Product reviews and follow buttons help you to raise trafic and conversion rate. Additional target traffic.
7 Advanced funcionality Access to any changes everytime. Choose variant with maximal flexibility to get any changes that you want. When You planning to create website, You may to forget or make false decision concerning forum, e-commerce, newsletter, security. Change your project, its description, prices, marketing strategy.
8 Easy contacts Many methods to contact You: from e-mail or web forms and phone to Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, ICQ. Very important to hide e-mail in web form to eliminate spam bots. Make it easy for people to contact you.
9 E-mail subscription There are a lot of good reasons for email subscription. Maintain contact with your customers, quickly transit information to your subscribers, make product announcements or note about updates to your site and the main: return old visitors again to your website after long term. Collect Email Subscribers and return visitors to your website.
10 Easy comments Make sure you can receive feedback from your viewers. People will disagree with you, but they are entitled to their opinion. Possibility to reach another people with advanced thinks.

How to insert video in your website

Large background images have already become an integral part of any Web design. Video is an integral part of modern promotion and one of the most powerful tools of visual communication. Good to power up web pages with new elements, one of which is video or animated website background.

Many web owners wants to add some video to their site. If You have your great video that you want to share with all the world it is the best way to draw attention. Moreover, the usage of video background could add dynamics and ambience to the site and is a great opportunity to show off your skills and creativity. Websites designed with embedded video background looking more professionally.

This guide will show you how to add some video to your site as embedded part of your website page.

There are some very simple methods to embedding video into your web site, for example, you can use the following code:

<embed src="/video.mov" width="600" height="400" controller="true">

This method is best if your movie file is small and bandwidth and buffering times are not an issue.

If you're finding that your video takes a long time to load on your site, use videos hosted on another server (YouTube, Vimeo, whatever). It's fast, free and easy. Simply create an account, upload your video, wait for it to process, then copy and paste the provided embed code into your site. You most likely will use their embedding possibility rather than the HTML5 <video> Tag or a flash plugin hosted on your server. These embedding codes mostly use <iframe>, which is good since they detect all your needs on their site, like in "what format do you need", "use either HTML5 or Flash", or "streaming HD or lower definition for mobile phones".

Embed a player using an <iframe> tag

Define an <iframe> tag in your application in which the src URL specifies the content that the player will load as well as any other player parameters you want to set. The <iframe> tag's height and width parameters specify the dimensions of the player.

If you create the <iframe> element yourself (rather than using the IFrame Player API to create it), you can append player parameters directly to the end of the URL. The URL has the following format:


The <iframe> tag below would load a 640x390px player that would play the YouTube video M7lc1UVf-VE. Since the URL sets the autoplay parameter to 1, the video would play automatically once the player has loaded.

<iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="640" height="390"



Embed a player using the IFrame Player API

Follow the IFrame Player API instructions to insert a video player in your web page or application after the Player API's JavaScript code has loaded. The second parameter in the constructor for the video player is an object that specifies player options. Within that object, the playerVars property identifies player parameters.

The HTML and JavaScript code below shows a simple example that inserts a YouTube player into the page element that has an id value of ytplayer. The onYouTubePlayerAPIReady() function specified here is called automatically when the IFrame Player API code has loaded. This code does not define any player parameters and also does not define other event handlers.

<div id="ytplayer"></div>

  // Load the IFrame Player API code asynchronously.
  var tag = document.createElement('script');
  tag.src = "https://www.youtube.com/player_api";
  var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
  firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, firstScriptTag);

  // Replace the 'ytplayer' element with an <iframe> and
  // YouTube player after the API code downloads.
  var player;
  function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady() {
    player = new YT.Player('ytplayer', {
      height: '390',
      width: '640',
      videoId: 'M7lc1UVf-VE'

The problem with this is that anyone and everyone can also copy and paste your video into their site. Even You insert in Your video personal fragments, every may to edit it. If your goal is to create a web site with exclusive video content, then YouTube is not the answer. If you want to show exclusive or original video, you're probably either creating the video yourself, or you're getting it from another source, such as a public relations company.

If you're not rolling your own video, and you're getting it from another source, then most likely you're going to need to resize the video. Mainly, the video clips that received from public relations companies are sized 1280*720 or 1920*1080 pixels (HD Ready or FullHD video). For video of that size you couldn't show video controls or any portions of your own site. All that we need is a short snippet of code: scale, which can be set to "tofit" or "aspect" or a number. Aspect is you're best option, because it keeps the original ratio of the video in perspective.

<embed src="/sample.mov" width="640" height="360" scale="aspect" controller="true">

Note: IFrame embeds can load either the HTML5 player or the AS3 player. Though some parameters are not supported in both players, an IFrame embed that loads the AS3 player will support all parameters that work with that player and ignore all other parameters. Similarly, an IFrame embed that loads the HTML5 player will support all parameters that work with that player while ignoring all other parameters. For example, the HTML5 player does not currently support the playerapiid parameter, but you can still specify that parameter when creating an IFrame embed. If the embed loads the AS3 player, the player will support the parameter, and if the embed loads the HTML5 player, the player will ignore it.

If you don't use the scale code, and simply use width and height, then you will crop the video. Also, you will not see the controller for play, pause, volume, etc. Plus, you need to add an extra 16 pixels to the height of the video to see the controller. For example, if the video is sized 1280 x 720 and you set the width to 600 and the height to 400, then a significant portion of the video will be cropped and not seen by the visitor; you also don't get the controls. Using scale removes the necessity of adding 16 pixels, it does not crop the video and you get the controls.

A 50MB video at this width and height will load fairly quickly with minimal buffering; even though there might be a slight wait involved, most visitors will sit there for several seconds if they truly want to see the video and they see the slider bar is increasing rapidly. But this method not the best for inserting in the main page of website. Visitors want to see a new website in 2-4 seconds, 6-8 maximum.

If you use a web host service, and you get a large spike in traffic because of the popularity of a given video, you might note that will have an additional expenses due to significant amounts of resources being used. If your website not personal hobbey and You want to join the professionals, this will become an eventual reality.

Another potential issue, is that certain parts of your web page might not load, or become functional, until after the video is fully loaded. For example, I have a rotating series of images that did not load and display until after the video finished loading. Also, I could not use my "Share This" social networking buttons until after the video finished loading. These problems occurred in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but Chrome did not exhibit these issues.

For a professional web site, these types of loading problems are not acceptable.

At this point you might be feeling a little stuck. You have this great, unique, exclusive video that you want to share with the world, but you want them to view it on your site and not a hosting site. At the same time, you're not at the point where you have the servers and the bandwidth to support 15-minute long videos without your audience having to wait 10 minutes or more for the video to buffer. Plus, you don't want your web host company to charge exorbitant amounts because your great video content clogged up the tubes.

Fortunately, there are answers to this problem. One solution comes in the form of Amazon Web Services. Signing up is free and the cost to use their services are counted in pennies per GB. You only pay for the services you use as you use them. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions.

Amazon Web Services does not provide a step-by-step tutorial. However, there are plenty of help files and information spread around the site. For the purposes of uploading video, you need to use Amazon CloudFront in conjunction with an Amazon S3 bucket. From the Amazon CloudFront page:

To use Amazon CloudFront, you:

  • Store the original versions of your files in an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Create a distribution to register that bucket with Amazon CloudFront through a simple API call.
  • Use your distribution's domain name in your web pages, media player, or application. When end users request an object using this domain name, they are automatically routed to the nearest edge location for high performance delivery of your content.
  • Pay only for the data transfer and requests that you actually use.

Just one another note. To place video in . The standard embedding code I get from vimeo looks something like this:

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/61337126"
  width="550" height="281" frameborder="0">

Well, the way to achieve resizing according to viewport/content width is by simply adding some CSS for your iframe:

iframe {
  width: 100%;

And the iframe is as wide as the container you put him in. However, the height can't be controlled that easily. To preserve that aspect ratio, you need a wrapper div, let's call it .aspect-ratio:

.aspect-ratio {
  position: relative;
  width: 100%;
  height: 0;
  padding-bottom: 51%;

This div is as wide as the content/viewport area, the height is zero. So practically this shouldn't be visible. However. The padding of this one is the height of the video divided through its width, or in other words: the aspect ratio in percent! No matter how much you resize your window, it will always stay in this ratio. So, all you need now is to let the iframe inside flow to each corner of its parent:

.aspect-ratio iframe {
  position: absolute;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  left: 0; top: 0;

Since the parent element has no height, we place it absolutely on the top left corner and let the iframe use the space created by the padding.

All beginners and advanced designers, visual artists and HTML-coders use trends to get their most interesting and unique "Best of the Best Design In Trend 2016". Methods presented below satisfy Design Trends 2016 queries to create inspiration web site. Really important to fill your web or print page with colors that make You enjoy. From bright and vivid color palettes to creative typography, all fashion trends you will find here. Note that You need one, two, maximum, three methods used in one form. Avoid many of them become overused to make creative user-friendly websites, print materials, applications and more.

Material design.

Design world get a splash when Google in 2014 introduced its Alexandar Johnson to create a visual language of good design. Material design lives in our world that is responsive, natural, aware, and intentional.

  • Tactile Layers.

    The material is grounded in tactile reality. The fundamentals of light, surface, and movement are key to conveying how objects move, interact, and exist in space and in relation to each other.
  • Bold, graphic, intentional.

    The foundational elements of print-based design (typography, grids, space, scale, color) do far more than please the eye.
  • Motion with meaning.

    Motion is meaningful and appropriate, serving to focus attention and maintain continuity. Watch the video below that illustrates these principles.

Material Design In Print Style is flat 2D Design we assume that the layers are digital paper, then the “digital ink” would be like as stencile painted on these layers multiply. These methods used in traditional graphic design: posters, magazines, newspapers, packaging and so on.

Bright, Bold Colours.

Check our tips on selecting right bright color combinations for digital web design, material print design and accessories. Right colors play a huge role in web design. Bold and vibrant colors is trend in 2016 year. It's a part of Minimalistic Flat Style Design. To eliminate overhelming pairing bold colors with lighter, more neutral colors. Vibrant colors from fashion has a big influence on other styles of design like as interior design, art design, urban architecture, travel and nature. One of designer's law is properly picked trendy color palette have higher conversion rate. Choose one color that You like to use for main typography and furniture and accessories. Then fill your space with softer pseudo-neutral color. Open your vivid design with colors that make you happy. Choose colors that really speaks to your heart!

Vibrant Colors

Geometric Shapes.

You can make something really effective with a beautiful geometric pattern to create really dynamic and beautiful compositions. Geometric patterns when used correctly can be highly flexible, visually effective and in some cases, very functional. Geometric shapes can be strong, bold and striking design elements, so naturally they work fantastically in the world of logos. Heavy use of strong, often random geometric shapes may to be a primary design feature. Mixing flat pops of colours and sharp black and white patterns can help you create a sharp and effective contrast.

Try to get a balance of a colourful and busy pattern with simpler white elements. Experiment with shapes, colours and pixels of different sizes. Scale your pattern to create large or small blocks of colour or geometic shapes. Use a linear, sharp, geometric figured pattern or gradient-like patterns to create a creative and professional design. Pair strong patterns with vibrant or bold colors. Very creative way to pair patterns and images is split your picture into geometric frames.

Geometrical Shapes

Abstract Style with Minimalist Design.

Abstract art is definitely classic and has a great ability to set a mood. Abstract art creates a soft, modern setting when paired with organic forms. Abstract design includes endless pattern applications created from animal print, blotch, liberty-style, non-objective, polka-dot, gradation, airbrush, plaid design, camouflage, Art Nouveau, eccentric, geometric, bull's eye, irregural repeat, dotted-swiss, positive-negative, figure-ground patterns.

Designers are also beginning to incorporate animations into website designs using minimalism. Minimalist design can be identified by a framework that is simple in nature. Only necessary elements for functionality are included in the design. Minimalism is one of the design trends that just never gets old. The simplicity of it makes minimalism easy to incorporate into a number of other styles and trends. The style has an almost timelessness to it that makes designers keep coming back everytime. Minimalist designs often act with abstract image to balance each other. Them can pair very well. Details and space are design factors that really rule the aesthetic. In print design pairing the strong bold colour, minimal logotype and simple elements pattern is incredibly effective as element of recognisability to the branding. The minimalist style is so simple that users don’t have to think about it.

Minimalism in website, application and print design have a many benefits. Minimalist design will continue to take over website, app and print design. Focus and purpose designed around the content comes to making minimalism work at any environments, from responsive to print. How to create minimalist design? Start your project with a goal.And cut all not matched. How to achieve minimalism to minimalist web design? The best way is to reduce design to only the elements that are absolutely essential for it.

abstract design

Negative Space.

Negative space is the space that surrounds an object in a image. It can be in any color, it just doesn’t have any content. Negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition. Negative space and contrast in design used to entice the viewer’s participation in comparing various design components. Negative space (white space) is an important element in making website layouts and logos although it is very tricky to combine white space in designing but once you are able to do it, it is not something to be overlooked or avoided.

I very like this example of negative space in design. Leeds based designer Alexandar Johnson created this clever Moby Dick book cover for the classic tale Moby Dick. Including both the harpoon and the whale's tale, it's simple, striking and brilliantly unique.

Moby Dick

Creative agency 300million delivers work that is intelligent, looks good and gets results. A great example is The Guild of Food Writers' logo, the replacement of the pen's nib with a spoon shape creates a simple, clever and impactful logo.

food writers

"Modern" Retro Style Design.

Graphic design, and in fact, all the creative arts, are forever evolving. Retro modern design is coming back again with a vengeance. Modern retro gets its name from a style that’s very throwback, but not very far back. Retro means a style that is derived from the recent past. Retro is the shortened word for “retrospective” meaning “looking back”. “Modern” Retro is the latest design theme to put a contemporary twist on iconic oldies. One of the hottest design styles at the moment is the revival of vintage theme. Compared to modern design, retro is mostly a completely different realm, it has a large variety of benefits modern graphic designers often tend to overlook. The fact that each the retro design and the modern design have been around for a long period, the retro modern design visual identity is a relatively new development. To create a “Modern” Retro design, all you need to do is look to the first PC and video games, pixel art and of course, space themes for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with color and use it in adventurous and exciting new ways. Mix and match, play with neon and don’t hold back. This is not a muted, color palette design style.

Modern Retro Design

Modular Layouts.

Modular design is rooted deep in design theory and has been used by a number of designers for a long time. It was popularized at various stages by newspaper designers as they created modules for the components of each story in that day’s edition of the paper. It's layouts built on modular or grid-like structures. Modular design is a technique where everything is built using a block grid pattern. In these designs each module is intended to flex based on the screen size. Modularity is the key to creating a flexible design systems. A modular system can be characterized by functional partitioning into discrete scalable, reusable modules, rigorous use of well-defined modular interfaces, and making use of industry standards for interfaces. In modular web design, pages looks similar, but the quality of created pages is still important.

Modular Design

Modular design trumps page driven design. This isn’t exactly a new approach, but the introduction of responsive web design has made it even more useful. In the website design landscape, modular design is a popular option because of the flexible nature of the modular grid. Modular is a popular website design trend because by dividing the space evenly it is easier to have the design adapt. Modular design falls in line with some other quite trendy elements. The first step is to get a handle on all the different building blocks your design is comprised of. If you want to really have your mind blown about ways to think and develop a modular grid, read Complex modular grid by Karl Gerstner.

Dramatic Typography.

With the rebirth of flat design and the popularity of minimalism, typography is taking a more central role in Web design. One defining feature of minimalist web designs is dramatic typography. Typography is being used for more than just legibility and readability (although that is still the primary purpose). The right use of typography is only one feature of minimalist design, so it is best to incorporate other elements like flat patterns and textures, a monochromatic color palette and the maximized used of negative space.

I would like to share with you a collection of Dramatic Typography Design Tricks for Inspiration or Creative Ideas. From print to web layouts, typography is the center piece of a good design and today we gathered a few examples of beautiful typeface combinations in web design to inspire You. The list of typography trends should provide an excellent starting point to reach dramatic typography with a lot of variants to choose or mix below. Keep minimalist site structures visually interesting. Use common sense when combining techniques!

  • Dramatic type. New trends in typography continue to emerge, from dramatic typography to urban fonts and the possible return of the serif thanks to higher resolution screens. Sometimes your typeface needs to convey feeling as much as meaning. Dramatic type demand the reader’s attention and direct it toward points of emphasis.
  • Decorative types (Script, Serif, Slab Serif, Hand-drawn, Artistic). Scripts are one of those traditional typefaces that have appeared in a variety of trendy reincarnations. Hand-drawn typeface is on the rise as a powerful yet versatile option, allowing it to be incorporated into designs, illustrations, custom graphics, advertising copy, and signage. Serif fonts are elegant, readable, and clean. The slab serif is a specific type of serif. Artistic fonts are designed solely for looks. Free Google Fonts is big for typography. In the past, designers may have had to be very selective with typefaces to customize typefaces.
  • Icon fonts. Icon fonts are a modern trend. Icon fonts coming up with a comprehensive range of icons that are scalable vectors. They are responsive enough to adapt to high resolutions and various screen sizes. Check free the complete set of 634 icons in Font Awesome Version 4.6.3
  • Watercolor. Watercolor typeface gives the impression of a fun-loving and light-hearted attitude.
  • Extreme size (big and small types with really difference). Text size is a means of controlling influence by the easest way. The smaller typeface usually calls for high contrast font colors with extremely thick strokes. The trend lately is going to extremes, both very large and very small. Don’t be afraid of different alignments, such as to the right or left, to avoid the “centered” crutch.
  • Retro. Retro fonts give life and soul to any typography design. Many of designers still try to romanticize the past via energetic retro type treatments from the type to the colors to the old classic. Good way to create a retro style typographic poster design with distressed textures and a muted colour scheme. Beautiful, retro ligatures and vintage typeface lead to specific mood.
  • All caps. All caps text with all the let­ters cap­i­tal­ized is best used for one line text or less. All caps is a typography that brings type to the forefront of your design. Caps works well on business cards and letterhead. Don't overhelmed by all caps! WORDS SET IN ALL CAPS LETTERS SEEM TO VISUALLY SHOUT.
  • Photo overlays. The days when images and text were two separate entities are over. As a web design technique, photo overlays owe some of the popularity to developments in CSS that make it easier to make this kind of text editable. Where the text appears on the image will impact both, and a designer must be sensitive about breakpoints on various devices.
  • Geometric design. It’s probably not accurate to say that geometric fonts are themselves on the rise, but they are certainly being swept up within other trends.
  • Creative use of fonts. As with other design elements, experimenting with text and typography can yield some great benefits if you’re up for the risk. Inventing your own creative usage is the best way to stand out.
  • Letterpress type effects. Letterpress printing is an old printing method that transfers ink from a press onto paper, essentially like a rubber stamp. Using the Appearance panel and graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator, you can quickly and consistently apply this letterpress effect to any editable text or vector object. Letterpress effect are now available to web designers using CSS. The letterpress effect is achieved by placing text on a contrasting, but not 100 percent contrast background color (i.e. not 100 percent black or 100 percent white), and then offsetting a text shadow with a color lighter than the background down and to the right and a darker drop shadow up and to the left. The offset should be only slight – one to three pixels depending on the text size – to avoid having the corners show a gap. Smaller type will not need any blur, but larger type may need a slight blur added to soften the effect slightly. Veneer Complete Family is a high resolution hand-crafted letterpress font that’s vintage and authentic with a touch of grunge.
  • Mixed and matched fonts. Mixing and matching fonts can be challenging, but using these tips can help to alleviate the stress associated with pairing them effectively. Color is another important consideration when pairing fonts. The colors should relate to one another in some concrete way; limiting the color scheme to a range of similar colors creates a sense of harmony. Finding a good combination of typeface is more than only good taste, it's an art...
  • Type customization. A custom typeface can have the same effect as creatively using simple type — better, even, considering the potential for furthering brand identity and character. Designing your own font system is a failsafe way to set yourself apart. Keep in mind: custom typeface must work across different browsers and devices.
  • Responsive typography. Responsive typography means that typefaces must be capable of shrinking or expanding depending on the size of screen the viewer is using.

Font Awesome
Version 4.6.3

Custom Illustrations.

Personalize your image to have your website color palette identity. Take photos that would reflect your spirit, don’t use pictures that all another use. Don't use picture just to fill the page, participants ignored images when they there was no purpose other than to fill the page with a visual. An image that have a story is more informative than just having a picture of unknown people smiling.


If you have not needed picture, take it from the stock database where you can find natural looking photos for your design.

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