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(0 votes) host is not supported by claimed options. Very bad hast! host is not supported by claimed options. Very bad hast!

The image above concerning one of our previous hosts. Now, we use for our sites the safe and fast host with claimed 99.99% and real 100% uptime that I found a lot of years ago. Before this host, we use many other hosts that were unusable for many reasons. We use 2-3 hosts at one time for having a possibility change the bad host quickly and live bad hosts on each other. The safety with good loading speed is the most important host option for our clients. Like many other hosts, this host gives a FREE domain name (in .ru zone only), PHP and unlimited MySQL / MySQLi support, unlimited traffic. FTP, site-builder, CPanel, free automatic script installer with 200+ scripts. And the most affordable after the last Google changes is Free SSL certificate for your website, online shop. One of the important things is PHP Memory Limit is 512 MB! It is very useful for high loaded and complex web projects. Our host has a Pro Hosting plane for websites with high load.

See this not full list of supported CMS that installed in one click: WordPress (most popular simple in use CMS), Joomla (installed per 15-20 seconds),  Drupal (best CMS for programmers), Bitrix, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, PhpBB, PHPFusion, CMS Made Simply, UniCMS, ImageCMS. Also, it supports less widely CMS like Simpla, Piwigo, Shop-Script, HostCMS, CS-Cart, Datalife (Die), Modx, IPB, Net(Cat).CMS. Others are more rarer but useful for a lot of web developers, web programmers Simple Machines Forum, Dolphin, MediaWiki, AMIRO.CMS, DIAFAN.CMS. If your CMS not listed above, support install it from 200+ full CMS list supported by the host.

Now, we use paid host at very affordable price. You may check this service for future actions. This is very interesting proposition due hosting services with presentation resources not the same as real hosting for money.

Click on the link to view our hosting plans price. I would recommend it to a friends or visitors. It has real 24/7 chat support and free 7 days test term. If You want to test this hosting service or your own, use great resource CheckHost with test HTTP from 19 points from all over the world simultaneously. Read hosting plans details for know more about affordable Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Host.

our webhost

This host presents yourself as new generation service with safe parameters and quality tech support. For check conditions for the best host, I would recommend you read the other our article How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Site?

One of the previous hosts was the with very slow loading speed and many downs. Claimed with 99.99% uptime was real 99.2% uptime with more than 6 unaccessible hours per month. It easy checking by special services. After changing servers for all my websites on this host nothing was changed. I lost it without troubles for our clients.

The host honesty negative review.

The worst host that I saw was the The loading speed was a middle but personnel was very busy. The time of waiting for chat no less than 25 minutes. I maximized the loudness to the maximal level in the speakers and eating, drinking tea with active window checking for an answer. I used it less than one month from one year paid term when found that website blog in WordPress not workinkg properly. The first fixed problem was all websites has just 32 PHP memory limit! but web blog was still loaded one try correctly and the another try with 500 (Internal Server Error) that shows about hosting high load or plugins troubles. I get just the "Sorry!" in the chat with no positive changes for the common new blog with 10 articles in WordPres with no trafic. I get the words "We have no possibility to fix the situation" from support. Web blog was loaded with 500 error constantly or was loaded after 15-20 seconds.

I remove this web blog to another host and notify host officer that I am planning to leave it when removing other websites at next week and try to get the payback or even a bonus. No results. The Just proposition to buy its the maximal host plane with the bargain. But I no need in the not affordable host plane with maximal cost, errors, the abnormal chat check time and a possibility to fix troubles. After one hour our account at this host was canceled by it without prompt or notification. I had no fresh backups for websites that had stayed on the host due backups too slowly and had errors. The most interesting that today claim more than 75% off (was $8.99/month). Maybe it has reasons for the super bargain when clients run away? My account on was fotohudozhnikcom. All above are real facts. It was a useful lesson...

I will be glad if you post your results in comments there with the name of your site and host for a check by others.

High traffic without errors for You. Good Luck!


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